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What is 3D printing?

3D printing is the process of turning 3D graphics into physical objects.
3D graphic mean any three-dimensional graphic done on a computer . The process automatically create a physical object from a 3D image on a computer is similar to the process of printing ( 2D ) where the texts , documents and graphics in 2D is physically written on paper. This similarity in the concept of 3D printing appears . The main difference of 3D printing on standard 2D impression is that instead of printing on a plane , 3D printing creates an object with volume.
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The printing process consists of creating 3D objects superimposed layers from bottom to top . Before you start printing, the software divides the 3D graph as thin as the diameter of the plastic outlet . For each layer , the printer is moving on the plane to release the plastic on the appropriate coordinates. Finally forming a figure in three dimensions, an object that you can touch and use in real life . A 3D printer is basically a machine of numerical control (CNC ) three-axis and an extruder . The extruder is the component that heats and presses the plastic cable ( ink ) to come out as a fine thread and stick with the desired shape. 1kg pays much plastic ? The equivalent of 392 chess pieces, calculated Makerbot once!
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The hours it takes to make a model of architectural design are the main savings to industry professionals
3D printing used as a tool. The other important factor is the precision obtained with the use of these machines and how possible is to conduct a physical piece with dimensions that respect the Digital Patrol designed or modeling. A third component , not less , is the possibility of applying a variety of interesting materials such as plastics , rubber, wood , cement , etc.
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3D printing offers a shortcut to the traditional process of lost wax casting . Fewer steps , higher chances of creation and material savings are some of the advantages in its application in this business

Medicine and Dentistry

The realization of biomodels to apply the
surgical planning and practice from different branches of medicine is already more common with 3D printing. Export files from tools like scanners, tomography or ultrasound , it is possible to realize all or part of the model obtained digitally . This allows the professional work and plan custom and practice on real models of a patient
[mk_image src=”http://3dneworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/04-medicina-usos-y-aplicaciones-impresion-3d-neworld1.jpg” image_width=”500″ image_height=”300″ align=”right” crop=”true”]
[mk_image src=”http://3dneworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/03-moldes-usos-y-aplicaciones-impresion-3d-neworld.jpg” image_width=”500″ image_height=”300″ crop=”true”]

Injection molds

Injection molding is still the preferred method for the manufacture of plastic parts in high volumes process , which is used to create things like housings, containers, bottle caps, combs and other applications in the mass market


The use of these tools in the educational field provides invaluable to future impact. In different areas of the curriculum standard possibility of materializing ideas soon gives endless possibilities for educators. Mathematical models, mechanical parts, tools, design objects and parts of the human or animal anatomy, are just some of the possibilities that are open to students before the use of these technologies in schools
[mk_image src=”http://3dneworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/05-educacion-usos-y-aplicaciones-impresion-3d-neworld1.jpg” image_width=”500″ image_height=”300″ align=”right” crop=”true”]
[mk_image src=”http://3dneworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/06-nuevos-protitos-usos-y-aplicaciones-impresion-3d-neworld.jpg” image_width=”500″ image_height=”300″ crop=”true”]

Rapid prototyping

This service is growing with the emergence of this technology and its possible applications . The prototyping demand has grown much in recent years and continues to increase to the continuous emergence of new methods of 3D printing.

Industrial designers

This is perhaps the most common user, for use independently or in your company or industry. Who it is who should get the biggest advantages of using technology to be responsible in the process of creating products
[mk_image src=”http://3dneworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/07-diseƱadores-industriales-usos-y-aplicaciones-impresion-3d-neworld.jpg” image_width=”500″ image_height=”300″ align=”right” crop=”true”]
[mk_image src=”http://3dneworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/06-protitos-usos-y-aplicaciones-impresion-3d-neworld.png” image_width=”500″ image_height=”300″ crop=”true”]

Final products on a small scale

Because of its low cost and speed in getting products to many niche markets is a viable way supply products from the use of 3D printing. Product design, decoration , games, toys , accessories, are some examples of using this technology to reach final products without the need to go through a traditional method of manufacture or rely dies or molds
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Download free 3D models for printing

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